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The beginning of my green world

After almost two years of recycling my waste and doing my bit for the environment I have decided to go all out and this year go green. If not for the sake of the planet but also for the pocket! I will be giving my ideas on everything eco-friendly and sharing my experiences, ideas and findings from the perspective of a busy mom. 

Thinking about where it all started. Strolling along at the checkout in TK Maxx a few months ago something caught my eye…a reusable shopping bag. Without even trying to resist the impulse buy I picked it up thinking it was a cute idea.

This started it all. With a two-year old I am constantly on the go and this means almost constant trips to do the grocery shopping and I regularly would end up with quite a lot of those “Bags for Life”.  Honestly it was the last thing on my mind to pick up those ugly things before I ran out the door with the toddler in tow. Looking at the press full of bags costing 22c a piece I knew I was beginning to waste too much to them.

However with my impulse buy I had no problems in forgetting the tiny bundle as it could be attached to my keys and also handy to just throw into the stroller. It was compact and durable holding almost three times what a plastic bag would hold. Even used to hold the odd bucket and spade for a trip to the beach too.

I became so happy with my purchase that I started looking online for more. Having just the one reusable bag turned into a bit of a struggle with a weekly shop. This is when I discovered I have fallen in love with this place! Waiting on three orders from them now. They have everything reusable such as shopping bags, bottles, lunch boxes and importantly everything is so funky!

Also feel quite happy that I’m being green with my daughter! Will be letting everyone know how I get on when I get my long-awaited delivery.