Green Fingers

With the frost gone and the sun slowing beginning to come back to life we have decided to begin a new eco-friendly hobby, vegetable growing!

Just giving it a try with a few carrots and seeing how it goes. We travelled over to Griffins Garden Centre at the weekend picked up a plastic pot, carrot seeds and kids gardening gloves.

Two-year old loved getting involved in all the dirt and mess! Its good to see her getting out in the fresh air and watering them too. If all goes well we may spend the rest of the spring creating our own place in the garden for growing our organic veggies. Have been reading that it is possible to grow vegetables in containers without the need for a whole stretch of the garden.

Something which caught my eye on Johnstown Garden Centre was an item which is actually a raised timber bed that can be used for growing yor organic veg. Seems very convenient being so self contained and can be positioned wherever you want it even over gravel and concrete. If all goes well I think we’ll be going for this option! Would be nice to have a constant supply of our own organic veg. Good for the kids too!


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